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Grange Hall

We are extremely excited to join the talented crew at Grange Hall with the first incarnation of Eiskaffee. Located in Greenwood Village, this new food hall has a very unique feature... an onsite brewhouse, known as Little Dry Creek Brewery. Come for the beer, but stay for the delicious food offerings.

In addition to Eiskaffee's menu of confections and delights, there are plenty of delicious options. Chef-owner Troy Guard brings three offerings to the Grange Hall table... Crazy Love Pizza, Rado Burgers, and the newest incarnation of his popular bowl concept, Bubu. Folks are really excited about The Crack Shack... a "better chicken sandwich" concept from California that's debuting in Colorado with this location. And last - but definitely not least - try the "world cuisine" featured at Uptown & Humboldt (we're partial to the lamb gyro).

And that isn't all. New vendors have already been announced (sushi and gourmet sausages), so come try us now, but come again later to try the new options too. And enjoy an eiskaffee or a waffle shot while you're there :)

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